Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Themed Parties - Rustic Cowboy Baby Shower

My BFF and I love to plan, organize and host themed parties, so when she was about 7 months pregnant, we started planning her Rustic Cowboy themed baby shower. Within a month, we had everything set and ready to show off our labor of love.

Brooke borrowed several "cowboy" items from a friend's collection, I borrowed some boots from my parents and a few saddles from a friend, and the rest - we crafted ourselves.

Her grandmother, husband and I made all of the food, including the hand-cranked curly fries.  Brooke and I mixed up some BBQ dry rub and I packaged them as favors - which turned into the best selling item in my etsy store.  We even set up a photobooth area with a backdrop of baby clothes hung on a line in front of a vintage quilt, and the props included a washboard, cowboy hats, and a hay bale.


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  2. This rustic baby shower looks really great. Liked the decorations part. Want to plan my sister’s baby shower at one of Venues in San Francisco. Thinking of having balloons and flowers for the décor. It will really look awesome there.


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