Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Decor DIY

Halloween Decor DIY: 
Have any cool Halloween DIY ideas to share? Leave a comment! I'll be sending out some FREE Printables!

1. Halloween Paper Bats: Using 4-6 sheets of construction paper, good scissors, printable bat template (download below), and scotch tape.  Create a "path" for the bats to travel along rather than hanging them randomly.

Halloween Paper Bats

2. Black and White Halloween decor: Group some black spray-painted frames and mirrors and hang. Use a black tray or platter to display mini white pumpkins.  Use white candles on a chic black candleabra.  Spiderwebs over everything to give the extra creepy effect!
Black and White Halloween Decor
3. Creepy Halloween Party Food:  Replace your Jello Brain Mold this year with instant Flan (find it near the jello boxes).  It already has that creamy look, but by adding a few drops of red food color to the caramel sauce, it looks quite bloody!  Take it to the next level by displaying it with a large knife or cleaver.  For the Bread Bones, get a can of french bread dough (e.g. Pillsbury) and divide into pieces with a sharp knife. Roll into finger sized pieces, and cut each end about 1".  Round out the ends and bake in about half the suggested time.  For a "dirty bones" look, sprinkle black sesame seeds on before baking.  Serve with a guacamole!
Halloween Party Food - Brain Flan (or Jello), Bread Bones
4.  Witch's Bottles of Potions - Use old wine bottles, beer bottles, and jars.  Soak in hot water to remove labels.  Use some twine and a little Elmer's Glue to wrap around neck of bottles. Soak a green or yellow highlighter in water for a few hours to overnight, pour into the jars and turn on a black light.
Want some free printable labels? Leave a comment below!

5. Black Light Decor - Get black light paint from a craft store like Michael's, Use a neon posterboard, draw a scene with sharpie, and paint areas with black light paint.  Use an old beat up frame and splatter some of the black light paint on the frame for a 3-dimensional look.
Black light paint & Poster paper in a frame

6. "Black & Cheese" - More party food! You can use homemade or out of the box mac & cheese - creep it up by adding a few drops of black food coloring to the milk and cheese at the end.  Looks disgusting, but tastes delicious!
"Black & Cheese" - My version of Haunted Mac & Cheese - just add black food coloring!

Bat Paper Cut-out Template - fits 8x10
Bat Template - Click to enlarge & download

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Halloween at the Percy Manor!

Mr. Percy always gives me "the look" whenever I want to decorate for Halloween... in early September.  But it's one of my #1 favorite days of the year, so I decided I'd wait a few weeks to get him eased in to it.

I went garage sale shopping Saturday, and found some great little Halloween decor finds!  These homemade wooden stakes are so kitschy!  I decided to buy them, and then upcycle them by painting them myself.  We have an owl, a crescent moon, a skull and a bat.  Props to the maker who spent time cutting these out, but didn't do quite as well on the painting skills.

Here is what I did to them:

I haven't finished the crescent moon yet, still sketching.
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