Saturday, August 6, 2011

Art Show- First Friday Downtown Lakeland Florida + New Paintings

Black Swan Bazaar hosted an Artisan Market (Art Show) for August's First Friday in the streets of downtown Lakeland, along Kentucky Avenue and Bay Street.  Tons of people were out and about for the "Back to School" themed event.  I was posted in my spot on the corner of Kentucky and Bay with a perfect view of the band.

It was hot and muggy, but the excitement was contagious and everyone seemed to be having a blast.

Dia de los Muertos Diablo

Black and White Dia de los Muertos Roses

Dia de los Muertos Skate Deck

Wood and Stone Mosaic

Aqua Muertos

 Yellow Flower Muertos

The Bride

Lime Dia de los Muertos


Handmade mushrooms + Panda Nesting dolls (Panda-Muscles-Skeleton-Guts-Soul)

Jason's handmade arrowheads... my husband beats rocks for fun!
+ Nicolas' handpainted cow skull. (my stepson)

All of the artwork you see here is still for sale.  If you're interested in purchasing a piece, leave a comment! 

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